Gemer Folklore Festival Rejdová
Source: Obec Rejdová

Gemer Folklore Festival Rejdová

Traditionally, the second half of August belongs to the organization of the Gemer Folklore Festival in the village of Rejdová, which is one of the largest events of this nature in upper Gemer. During its existence, it gained hundreds of supporters not only from Slovakia but also from abroad, as evidenced by the crossing of the 2000 threshold in the number of visitors per year.

During the 46 years of this festival, several thousand performers took turns on the stages, giving the event visitors joy, cordiality and a piece of their heart.

The festival in Rejdová is a presentation not only of good folklore, beautiful costumes, but also the hospitality and cordiality of the people of Gemer.

GPS: 48.79043, 20.285419

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