The gorge Čertova dolina in NP Muránska planina
Author: Vojtech Benko

The Gorge Čertova dolina

The Čertova dolina, which is very attractive for tourists, is located in the Muránska planina National Park, not far from the Zbojská saddle. The gorge, declared a nature reserve for valuable karst forms and preserved forest communities, sometimes resembles the famous gorges of the Slovak Paradise. Similar to the Slovak Paradise, you can admire an interesting karst relief, massive rock cliffs and waterfalls created by a locality flowing through a stream (for all of them we can mention the very attractive Zbojnícky waterfall). The narrowest point of the gorge, which together with the immediate surroundings is considered to be the most beautiful part of the reservation, is called Surovcov tisk. It was given this name after the legendary Tisovec bandit Surovec, who was said to have raced through the gorge, fleeing from the ravines, whose clumsy legs unfamiliar with the demanding, difficult terrain could not compete with him in any way.

GPS: 48.735953, 19.858377

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