Ground squirrels in Biele vody
Author: Maroš Detko

Ground squirrels in Biele vody

When you say "meadow full of ground squirrels" or "ground squirrel meadow", many people who were in the Muránska planina National Park already automatically know that we are talking about the whitewashing ground of Biele vody near Muráň. Being able to see ground squirrels in the wild from close proximity is a truly exceptional experience with the natural shyness of these rodents.

During the season - from about March to the end of September you can observe one of the most numerous colonies of grazing ground squirrels in Slovakia in the locality of Biele Vody. Tiny graceful creatures come as close to man, which is not common with these naturally very shy creatures. Many individuals have no problem taking food directly from your hand.

The ground squirrel can only be observed during the day, with the sunset crawling into the burrow. It is most active during sunny days. You can see the sycamore even during half-cloudy and slightly cloudy days, but in very bad weather it usually does not climb out of the burrow.

Squirrel meadow is located approximately 2.5 km from Muráň in the direction Predná Hora. There is a small parking area near the site where it is possible to park. If you want to avoid the stress of parking or you prefer to move, from Muráň you can easily get to the Squirrel meadow on foot along the meadows stretching from Muráň to the "syslovisko" along the state road.

Address: Biele Vody, 04901, Muráň, SK
GPS: 48.755987, 20.072132

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