Koprášsky tunnel
Author: Jozef Kopor

Koprášsky tunnel

The construction of the Koprášsky tunnel began in March 1941. Despite transport and supply difficulties, it took only a few months. As early as August 11, 1941, a ceremony could be held at the finished tunnel, with its length 245 meters, its directional deviation was not greater than 1 millimeter and it is also unique that the excavation of the directional tunnel was cleared without injury. The tunnel tube is lined with blocks and the Slavošovský portal is made of white stone.Near the western portal of the tunnel there is a bridge over the valley in the form of an impressive Koprášsky (Mníšanský) viaduct.

Address: Mníšany, 04916, Magnezitovce, SK
GPS: 48.674613, 20.230832