Lookouttower Maginhrad
Author: Miroslav Dolinský

Lookouttower Maginhrad

Above Malé Teriakovce in the historically significant locality Maginhrad, it grew on the hill of the same name at an altitude of 430 m above sea level. lookout tower rising to a height of almost 17 meters. After overcoming 49 steps, it provides a view in almost all directions in good weather - from Kráľová hoľa, to the entire Rimava valley and to Hungary.

The Maginhrad lookout tower can be reached from three sides. Along the green tourist route from Nižný Skálnik, along the yellow and green from Veľké or Malé Teriakovce or from Horné Zahorany. In the immediate vicinity of the lookout tower, there is also an educational trail in the footsteps of Maginhrad.

In the ancient past, there was a medieval wooden castle from the 15th century, which served as a Hussite fortress. As the historical report about it has not been preserved, the time of the castle's demise is still unknown. Only further archaeological research can answer the question of the length of life of the castle. The hill Maginhrad with steep slopes was inhabited on the sides and possibly fortified. It is mentioned in many works by well-known Slovak writers and poets, such as Ján Botto.

Address: Malé Teriakovce, 980 51, Veľké Teriakovce, SK
GPS: 48.447919, 19.984603