Rafting on the river Muráň
Source: DOBRÝ KRAJ, Rozvojová agentúra BBSK, n. o.

Rafting on the river Muráň near Jelšava

A novelty of the 2020 season is the rafting of the Muráň River.

The Muráň rafting, or as the locals call it - the Muránka rivers, is one of the products with which the town of Jelšava (Revúca district) revives tourism in the region.

Lovers of boating tourism can discover the beauties of the Jelšava valley individually or in groups in one- to four-seater kayaks, which are happy to lend to Jelšava Municipal Services with accessories. At the same time, they offer complete client care services (training, transport to and from the place of exit, place for changing, personal hygiene, shower), but also preparation, rental and transport of boats with accessories (paddle, life jacket, helmet, barrel).

The river is rafted in the section Teplá Voda - Jelšava, road bridge. It is an undemanding terrain characterized by slight curves and beautiful nooks, suitable for beginners. In addition to the beautiful fauna and flora, you can also observe the presence of beavers, which is proved by gnawed and fallen trees 😊


Address: Teplá Voda, 049 16, Jelšava, SK
GPS: 48.640058, 20.218571
Website: https://www.mssjelsava.sk/splav-rieky-muran.html
Email: mss@mssjelsava.sk