Archeoskanzen Kyjatice
Author: Viktor Brádňanský

Archeo open-air museum in Kyjatice

The richest archaeological site of an unknown culture was found above the village of Kyjatice, which archaeologists named after the said village due to the intensity and quantity of finds. The Kyjatice culture was based in the Ipeľská, Lučenec and Rimaa basins, on the Krupina plain, in the Cerova vrchovina and on the southern slopes of the western part of the Slovak Ore Mountains. Its existence is dated to approximately 1100-700 years before Christ. Today, a smaller archeoskanzen with a rest area has been built on the site of numerous cremation graves. The visitor will be charmed by the place not only by its history, but also by the surrounding nature and wonderful view.

, 980 54 Kyjatice