Author: Branislav Caban

Ice kingdom on Gemeri

The best and most beautiful experiences are free, so pack your backpack, put on your hat and go for the icy adventure that awaits just around the corner.

Discover the icefall, hiding between Tisovac and Sedlo Zbojská. People tend to admire it from their cars, or even stop at a nearby parking lot. It is unique in that it is not formed on a watercourse, but directly on the rock under the Tisovec - Brezno railway line.

Its visit can be combined with the crossing of Čertová dolina, through which a currently frozen via ferrata leads, which you can walk through in the ice, past icicles and frozen precipices.

How is this icy beauty created?
The condition is a long-lasting frosty period and precipitation, from which massive icicles are formed.


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