Koprášsky (Mníšanský) viadukt
Author: Jozef Kopor

Koprášský (Mníšanský) viaduct

The arched Koprášsky viaduct, 120 meters long and 36 meters high, is the last existing of the 12 bridge structures that were built during the construction of the railway. Beautifully integrated into the landscape, it is strikingly reminiscent of the much more famous Chmarošský viaduct near Telgárt. Since no means of transport run along it, it is suitable for walks or bike tours. The bridge is accessible from the village of Magnezitovce, and its visit can be combined with the passage of the nearby Koprášské and Slavošovské tunnels, which lie on the same unreachable railway route gemer couplings.

Mníšany, 049 16 Magnezitovce

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