Stredisko Július Vyšná Slaná
Source: Július Vyšná Slaná

Ski resort Július Vyšná Slaná

The center is located near the village of Vyšná Slaná, about 7 km from Dobšina and 25 km from Rožňava. Here you will find a daily groomed slope with a length of over 1000 m with artificial snow. There are 2 lifts available: Tatrapoma H-130 with a length of 950m, a capacity of 800 persons/h. and Tatrapoma P with a length of 150m and a capacity of 200 people/h. Part of the resort´s operation is evening skiing (available with a buffet and an illuminated track). There is also a rental shop for skis and accessories. The center is also suitable for organizing winter skiing courses, as it includes two cottages: Radzim (capacity 50 beds) and Július (capacity 84 beds)..

It works in winter and summer. It mainly focuses on ski courses, weekend stays, children's camps in the summer, sports camps and schools in nature.

, 049 26 Vyšná Sláná