Slavošovský tunel
Source: Archív OOCR Gemer

Slavošovce tunnel

The tunnel was built in the years 1941 -1944, during which the final work took place in 1949. Of the four tunnels that managed to build on the planned route Tisovec - Slavošovce, the Slavošovce tunnel is the longest. With its length of 2401 and the interesting shape of the letter S, it connects Magnezitovce with Slavošovce. The interesting thing about the tunnel is that the material was also made for it by deaf-mute stonemasons from Kremnica, while some hand-worked granite blocks weigh two hundred kilograms. The tunnel is fully accessible and is crossed by the official cycle route, making it the longest cycle tunnel in Europe and the third longest in the world.

, 049 16 Magnezitovce

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