Muránska Venuša a František Vešeléni
Source: Archív regiónu Gemer

Statues at Muráň Castle

Great news! Venus of Muráň and František Vešeléni are at home.

The legends visited Muráň Castle again. Come to greet them and visit their home, the third highest castle in Slovakia, which is steeped in many legends.

The most famous inhabitants of the castle will transport you to the past with their presence, show you beautiful corners of the castle and also show unique views of the forests of the Muránska planina

How to get to them? The road leads in 3 directions:
- Murán Castle is accessible by a tourist and educational trail that starts in Murán (ascent time up to 1:40 a.m.)
- From Predná Hora along the route Sedlo Predná Hora – Wesselényi's cave – Chata pod Muránsky hradom – Muránsky castle (ascent time up to 1:30 am)
- The shortest hike is from Veľká Lúka, Piesky location (ascent time up to 45 minutes)

During the ascent, do not forget to follow the information maps, which will reveal the rich history, but also the natural treasures in the surroundings of Muráň.

When climbing the Muráň castle, you can go for refreshments at the cottage under the castle, but especially at the Penzión u Sysľa in the Muráň village or at the Predná hora Recreation Area. And of course, don't forget to taste the Murán buns.

Let us know if the lords of the castle were at home, take a picture with them and continue to discover the beauty of the region.

Author of the work: artist Mgr. Art. Naďa Salbotová

The activity was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic
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