Koráb - Vyhliadka na Skalke v Jelšave
Source: Archív regiónu Gemer

The Koráb viewpoint on Skalka over Jelšava

A new viewpoint has been added to Gemer, from which you can see two national parks.

The path to the lookout leads from the town of Jelšava along the blue hiking trail, and after an hour of ascent, you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the ramparts of the Muránska Planina National Park and the scenery of the Slovakia kras. For photography lovers, this place is perfect for photography.

The modern architecture of the lookout replicates the terrain and, in addition to admiring the beauty of Gemer, also offers a special place for stargazing. Visitors can sit and lie on the sloping bench at sunset and be enchanted by the night sky.

Also interesting is the fact that in the past the route to Skalka was also used by football players from Jelšava, who ran on it several times as part of their training.

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