Kedysi najvyšší vrch Gemera, Kráľova hoľa
Author: Luboš Houska

Vrchá crown Gemera 2024

Get to know Gemer from the saddle of a bicycle. The adjective "uphill" reveals that it will be necessary to overcome some elevation. Every year, 20 goals - peaks that can be reached by bicycle (e.g. Horáreň Sinec, Bodnárka chata, Krášová hoľa, Koniarska planina, etc.)

Whoever overcomes them all will receive a diploma and a small award. As proof, it is enough to take a picture with the bicycle in the background after reaching the destination point (by your own efforts). But you don't have to conquer them all.

The purpose of the whole event is, first of all, to motivate people to move and show them interesting, many times unknown places of Gemera.-Malohontu.

We are working intensively on the preparation of the peaks of the Vrchás koruna Gemera for the year 2024.

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