Ranogotický kostolík v Kraskove
Author: Martin Babarík

Gothic church in Kraskovo

The Gothic church in Kraskovo is a dominant feature of the village and the country and one of the most valuable examples of medieval wall painting in Slovakia.

Gothic frescoes from the 14th century have been preserved on all surfaces of the presbytery, the triumphal arch and the northern wall of the nave.

Paintings Lamentation and a pair of saints - St. Anna and St. Helena are the work of the Master of the Ochtiná Presbytery.

The extensive Ladislav legend, the scene of the prostration of the three kings, the monumental scene of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, the Archangel Michal weighing souls and other paintings are the work of the Master of Kraskovo paintings and his assistant.

The depiction of camels, which the painter has probably never seen and painted with pointed humps, is interesting.

The medieval stone baptistery from the 13th century is also valuable.

The genius loci and the photogenic nature of the church are completed by a free-standing wooden bell tower and fortifications.

The Gothic church is located on a hill behind the village of Kraskovo, about 5 kilometers from Rimavská Bana, a village located on the main road between Rimavská Sobota and Hnúšťa.

Access to the church must be booked in advance by phone with the guide, Mr. Ilčík, at phone no. 0910 968 068.

At the beginning of September, the popular festival From the history of Gemer and Malohont is held here.