Muránsky hrad z neba
Source: Obec Muráň

Muráň Castle

Above the village Muráň is the third highest Slovak castle. Today, the remnants of its walls and buildings remind us of its ancient glory, which are gradually restored and partially restored every year. The very importance of the castle is also evidenced by the fact that it is sung the oldest recorded secular song from Slovakia - Song of Muráň Castle - describing the siege of the castle in 1559. Its texts show the size and power of the once impregnable castle. The government of Mária Szécha, known as the Venus of Murán, who was the wife of the Hungarian Palatine František Vešeléni, should be highlighted from the rich history of the castle. In this golden age, the most important nobles of Hungary met at Muráň Castle. The castle walls also withstood the invasion of the Ottomans and the Kuruck Wars. The destruction of the castle was caused by two fires in the 18th century, after which it gradually fell into disrepair. Today it is one of the most visited castles in the Gemer region.

From the village of Muráň, a red marked hiking trail with a length of 4.1 km will take you to it after crossing 555 meters of altitude. Thanks to its location at an altitude of 930 m above sea level, it provides breathtaking views of the deep valley of the Muráň river, but also of the steep cliffs of the Muráň plain or Kráľova hoľa peak.