Pohľad na Muránsku planinu z Muránskeho hradu
Source: Archív OOCR Gemer

Muránska planina National Park

Semi-wild horses grazing in its meadows are inseparable from the image of Muránská planina. In the stallion on Veľká Lúka, very resistant horses of the Muráň-type Norik breed are bred. In the locality of Biele vody near Muráň, grazing ground squirrels thrive. An unforgettable experience not only for children is to feed them directly from your hand.

In the Muránska planina National Park you will find a number of marked hiking and cycling trails. In winter, you can discover its beauties, for example, cross-country skiing. If you are looking for peace and space to enjoy your connection with nature, Muránska planina is the ideal place for you.

Worth seeing are: Muráň Castle, Veľká lúka, the 76-meter-high Ťureň rock tower at the mouth of the Hrdzava valley, or the massive rock gate below Kľak. Breathtaking views of the national park and the surrounding mountains can be enjoyed from the top of Fabova hoľa, from Poludnice, Murán Castle, or from below Kľak.

The starting points for tourism are the villages of Muráň, Muránska Huta, Červená Skala, Tisovec and the Zbojská saddle.

Report of NP Muránska planina, street J. Kráľa 12, 05001 Revúca