Rozhľadňa Zbojská
Author: Jozef Kopor

Zbojská lookout tower

The dominant feature of the Zbojská saddle is a beautiful lookout tower. The wooden lookout tower built on the site of a former shepherd´s hut stands at an altitude of 763 meters above sea level on Remetisko Hill. Together with the Zbojská saddle, they are considered the gateway to Muránska Planina National Park and the Gemer-Malohont region. From the saddle, approximately 18 km from Brezno and 12 km from Tisovec, you can get to it from the parking lot in a few minutes...

The lookout tower is also exceptional with its interior. In its lower part there is a small chapel of St. Juraj with a separate entrance. On the ground floor, dissected forest animals provide a picture of the local fauna. On the first floor you will find memorial chronicles guarded by a wooden statue of a hermit, the second floor is in the spirit of sheep farming, the third is dedicated to banditry, which gave its name to the locality Zbojská. At a height of 13 meters, the highest floor is a viewing platform with a bell that you can ring. Anyone who climbs the steep stairs will see wonderful views of the Zbojská saddle, Čertova dolina, Kučalach hill and Fabova hoľa, under which the Rimava and Rohozná rivers originate.

If you get hungry on the way, above the saddle you will find the Salaš Zbojská restaurant, which offers traditional Slovak cuisine in a beautiful setting. Who would like it so much that they would like to stay, accommodation is available nearby in rustic rooms and wooden cabins, where you will fall asleep and wake up with bleating sheep, neighing horses and barking mountain dogs :)

An educational trail named after the bandit Jakub Surovec leads past the lookout tower. According to legend, he escaped from the gendarmes through the one-way section of the trail. The most exposed places of this gorge (reminiscent of the gorge of the Slovak Paradise national park) are equipped with wooden ladders enabling its passage.Devil´s valley

In addition to cars and bicycles, you can reach the Zbojská saddle by steam train along a unique cog railway with gradients of up to 50.2 ‰. You will learn more about her in the post Zubačka Tisovec - Zbojská - Pohronská Polhora.


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