Zimný prechod Muránskou planinou
Author: Katarína Goffová

An invitation to a winter crossing of the Muránská plain

The municipality of Muráň and the Muránska Planina National Park Administration invite you on February 10, 2024 to a popular winter event that has been taking place since 1978!

This event, proven over the years, is a guarantee of a great mood and sporting experience.

At the turn of January and February, lovers of nature, hiking, or cross-country skiing from Slovakia, but also from abroad, look forward to it.

The tracks pass through attractive parts of the NP Muránska planina, which has its own special charm in the white-glazed winter. They are designed on the basis of many years of experience especially for hikers and especially for cross-country skiers. The organizers leave nothing to chance and check them several times before crossing to make them passable and safe. Movement outside the designated routes is at your own risk!

After paying the participation fee, the shuttle bus will take you to the Javorina saddle, where you can start the ski and hiking trails.

Both routes pass through Veľká Lúka, known for the breeding of semi-wild Norik horses of the Murano type. At the Maretkiná chalet, skiers can enjoy a small snack that will stimulate the senses, caress the soul and definitely warm up.

Of course, the organizers didn't forget about your empty bellies either. They will eagerly await you with a tasty goulash at primary school in Murán.

Let yourself be surprised by what else the organizers have prepared for you and come with us to the 46th winter crossing of the Muránská plain.


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