Gemersko-malohontské múzeum v Rimavskej Sobote
Source: Gemersko-malohontské múzeum v Rimavskej Sobote

Gemer-Malohont museum in Rimavská Sobota

Gemersko-Malohontské múzeum is the fifth oldest museum in Slovakia, founded on September 3, 1882. It is housed in the building of the former artillery barracks from the second half of the 19th century. The Gemer-Malohont Museum, as a cultural institution of the Banská Bystrica self-governing region, documents the natural and cultural heritage of the Gemer-Malohont region. Since 1996, he has also focused on the documentation of the tangible and intangible heritage of the Roma in Slovakia. Two permanent exhibitions are open to the public. The local history exhibition consists of eight rooms presenting objects from geology, paleontology, zoology, archaeology, history, ethnology and visual arts. The rarity of the museum is the mummy of an Egyptian woman from the period 1087-664 BC and a model of the egg of the largest flightless bird, the vurona giant from Madagascar. Interesting finds are the bones of a mastodon, tapir or rhinoceros from the paleontological site Kostná dolina near Hajnáčka, a varied collection of dermoplastic preparations of animals, rare archaeological finds from the Bronze Age from Včelince, Hodejov, Tornaľa and Rimavská Sobota itself, and a rich collection of folk ceramics. The eye of the visitor will not escape the view of Rimavská Sobota, which captures a historical event - the religious riots of 1769, as well as the form of the city that it has preserved from the Middle Ages. An exposition dedicated to the anti-fascist resistance and the Slovak National Uprising in Gemer-Malohont has been conceived separately.

Námestie M. Tompu 5, 97901 Rimavská Sobota