Zbojnícka strela
Source: Archív regiónu Gemer

Zbojnícka strela along the Gemer

For the summer season, we have prepared something completely special for you - trips on the historic Zbojnícká strela minibus along the Gemeri ! Let yourself be carried away by the history and culture of this wonderful region by means of our historic minibus, which departs from Salaš Zbojská.

There is a choice of three thematic variants in different dates, where every visitor will find something for himself.

The routes offer enrichment in the form of an experience, whether from the ride itself on Zbojnícká strela, but also in the form of cultural and historical content that individual stops during the viewpoints offer.

Unforgettable experiences await you during the trips, such as tasting delicious Murán buns or Gemer balls, feeding cute groundhogs, getting to know the Coburg Castle in Jelšava, Veľká luka, mining works in Rákošská Bani, Sirk, Železník or admiring the Ochtinská aragonite cave, which boasts the title of world UNESCO heritage. In addition, you can also participate in an interactive city game in Revúca, which will guide you through its history and bring fun for the whole family as well as an interesting reward. Let yourself be surprised.

The price for this experience includes a ride on the Bandit Bullet, interesting stops along the route and the opportunity to create beautiful memories.

Get into the Bandit Missile and enjoy the treasures hidden on Gemer.

! We will inform you about the departure dates of Zbojnícká strela along the Gemer 2024 soon!


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