Vahadlová studňa pri Jašteričom jazere neďaleko Silice
Source: NP Slovenský kras

From Gombasek to Silica plateau

Starting point: Gombasek

End point: Silica

Route description: Gombasek - Silická ľadnica - Silica - Farárova Jama - Jašteričie jizerko

Medium difficulty, length and duration: 6 km, 2 hours

We start the route in the season with a visit to the unique Gombasecka cave with over 2 m thin drops, the so-called straws. Enchanted by its beauty, we set out to climb from the bottom of the Slaná canyon to Silická plateau.

We will overcome the initial 225 meters of altitude in 30-60 minutes, depending on the condition. After 1.3 km of steeper ascent, we reach the Závozná, hóraň signpost, from where it is exactly 2.5 km to the Silická ľadnica cave without further climbs.

Silická ľadnica is the lowest located ice cave in the temperate climate zone. From the viewing platform of its spectacular mouth, you can admire the several-meter-high ice icicles from spring to autumn. Paradoxically, they only appear at plus temperatures in spring, when the snow melts on the surface and it rains heavily.

Entry behind the railing is prohibited and can be life-threatening. On the way back, we choose the right continuation of the yellow-marked footpath at the Odbočka signpost to Silická ľadnica. After 10 minutes, we turn left at the Bukový vršok intersection, to the village of Silica.

Here you can follow the yellow sign to the Farárova jama lake, about 5 minutes away, or follow the red sign across the village to the cemetery at its upper end. From here, its continuation will take us in about 20 minutes to the now almost extinct Jašteričie lake, once the largest karst lake in Slovakia. Its symbol is the rocking well, still preserved today. The peak of Fabiánka above it provides views across Slovakia in good weather. Almost from the Hungarian border (2 km away) to the Polish border, passing through the ridge of the High Tatras.


The initial, steeper section of the ascent to the plain can also be replaced by car or bus transportation to the Závozná stop, hórareň. The parking lot on the road to Silica, about 2 km further, serves for an even closer approach to Silická ľadnica.

At the end of the tour, we recommend a walk from the Gombasecka Cave area to the archaeological site of the Pavlín Monastery, where there is a modern bell tower that also serves as a lookout tower. Opposite the gate to the area, you will find the Márgit/Biela vyvieračka hidden karst spring behind the road.


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